Lisa McPherson died 15 years ago today

December 5, 1995 Lisa McPherson was driven to OT 8 Scientologist Dr. David Minkoff instead of to the nearest hospital, or the next nearest, or the next nearest, or the next nearest.  She was pronounced dead when she got to New Port Richey hospital where Minkoff was.  Could she still be a live if she was instead driven a few blocks to Morton Plant Hospital?  We’ll never know.

Lisa was severely dehydrated, had bruises all over her body, and according to the coroner, had bug bites as well.  She had been held against her will at the Church of Scientology’s Ft. Harrison Hotel for the last 17 days of her life.

Scientology never faced a criminal court for what they did to Lisa.  Her family’s wrongful death civil suit was settled out of court.  Her memory and story remain on many web sites on the internet.  She will not be forgotten, nor what was done to her.


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