The Phoenix org loves me!

From an ex-Scientologist now speaking out, about the Phoenix, Arizona Scientology org:

“There was a written order hanging up in the comm center that if Jeff’s face pops up anywhere near the Org that OSA (aka Richard Haworth) was to be notified immediately with the sighting details and Richard was to start snapping pics of him.”

Richard Haworth is a long-time operative within Scientology.  He got himself in trouble in Clearwater when he tried to order the local police around:

The next day, Haworth met with Lt. Frank Daly.

In a memo to Klein, Daly said he was surprised by Haworth’s conduct and described some testy exchanges after Haworth asserted that officers were not doing their jobs and should have made an arrest in the case.

“We can’t just arrest everyone we suspect of a crime,” Daly said he told Haworth.

“At that Mr. Haworth became very irate and slammed his fist onto the table stating ‘I don’t want to hear can’t,’ ” Daly’s memo says.

Haworth ended the meeting by standing up, pointing at Daly and yelling “that he would continue to fight for safe streets even though the Police Department would not,” the memo says.

Klein’s letter to Haworth says: “I will not allow any member of the Clearwater Police Department to be bullied, brow-beaten or threatened, particularly when such actions interfere with a lawful investigation. In the future, if you have doubts about the conduct of a Clearwater police officer and choose to meet with a supervisor, then you should learn to control yourself in a civil, lucid manner.”


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