APA finally speaks out against CCHR


I always wondered why the American Psychiatric Association didn’t speak out more strongly against Scientology’s Citizens Commission on Human Rights. CCHR is essentially a hate group seeking the eradication of all of psychiatry. They even had a graphic of a grenade blowing up psychiatry. I hope the APA continues to speak out against this hate group.


2 Responses to “APA finally speaks out against CCHR”

  1. John Says:

    I am sorry to disabuse you, Jeff, but there is nothing further from CCHR than being a hate group. You might rather call it a “love group”, which cares about the victims of various brutal psychiatric treatment.

    You either got it wrong by misunderstanding ot got it wrong on purpose. Which way?

    However, if you truly want to understand to reasons behind the existence and work of CCHR, you need to look behind psychiatry propaganda, and if you think CCHR might be biased, look to more neutral, however sound, resources of information, such as Thomas S. Szasz, psychiatrists, co-founder of CCHR, as to why they consider psychiatry harmful.

    Anti-psychiatric thinking goes back as far as Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe. Please read on…


    I am willing to open a discussion with you over the topic if you play it in a civilized manner, and if you are truly interested in finding out more. However, based on the title of your blog, I suspect you are not simply biased, but a lot more than that. Still, I have given it a try, and it is your call now.

  2. Amy Says:

    My god, “look to more neutral resources of information such as Szasz who co-founded CCHR.”

    However literate you may be, your suggested sources of information are heavily biased.

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