Scientology’s failed building programs

This reminds me of the small cult I was in back in the 1970s. We only had about 200 members and never really grew much. But then one day the pastor had a vision from God of a new church building. So we moved to a corner lot on a hill with room for a big building, and the fundraising began. Pretty much all our efforts from then on were toward the building. Sermons were preached of the walls of the new building being covered with crutches and other medical devices no longer needed from all the healings going on (there were pretty much no healings going on without the building). The sermons continually
stressed that amazing things would happen once the building was done.

Rich people would become members and donate a lot of cash for even more amazing projects. Government officials would join. Many miracles would happen.

In the end, the church had a huge split, the congregation kicked out the pastor, and the people who remained traded their unfinished miraculous biulding with an Assemblies of God church that really was growing. The church is barely limping along today.

So what the pastor had done was to seek glory in a huge building since his little flock refused to grow by itself. Same thing DM is doing. He doesn’t have any stats to crow about, so he invents some stats. “We have a new building here, and are almost finished with our huge
project here, and by gosh, we’re expanding!” No, their property holdings are expanding is all.

And I wonder if you couldn’t call DM the Bernie Madoff of religious leaders? He promises some huge payoff if you invest in his plan, but in the end all the investors have is huge debt and empty promises.


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