Protesting at Golden Era Studios

Scientology’s “secret headquarters” is a large property north of Hemet California at the base of steep hills. Highway 79 bisects the property. It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Cars whizz by. There are bushes and trees that block the view of the road on much of the property. Yet some people like to picket there. The main idea is that since David Miscavige lives and works there, it will particularly piss him off to protest theres. But to my mind, he’s about the only audience you have out there.

That being said, people have off and on protested there. Keith Henson was convicted of harassing a religion by his constant protests there (and some legal shenanigans on the prosecutor’s part). Anon Orange was gang-tackled and citizens arrested for trespassing. Riverside County just passed an ordinance about protesting meant to limit protests there.

Scientology has worked hard to limit or stop protests there. Mark Bunker and Mark Lowell were recently citizens arrested there for trespassing. The county sheriff’s department, which handles that jurisdiction, has been extremely heavy-handed and biased against protesters. I still don’t think it’s a good place to protest, but now I think it’s an important place to take a stand against governmental censorship. People have a right to protest there and the county must be stood up to when it tries to side with SCientology and shut down peaceful, legal protests. It is THIS that cannot be allowed to stand.


2 Responses to “Protesting at Golden Era Studios”

  1. dave Says:

    Frankly someone should take a arrest to the supream court.. No way in hell it would stand up and the stupid law could get bashed.

    you have to give the Scientology people some credit.. They sure know how to work the system in their favor. As long as the rest of us remain divided nothing of note is going to happen.

    I leave you with this little quote.

    “Corrupt ideas have miserable little fanatics who attempt to enforce their beliefs through intimidation and brutality . . . through faith. Savage force is faith’s obedient servant. Violence on an apocalyptic scale can only be born of faith because reason, by its very nature, disarms senseless cruelty. Only faith thinks to justify it.”

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