I closed my youtube account

Several days ago youtube took down my “Kendrick Moxon is dissed” video, claiming it violated “community guidelines.”  I looked at the youtube “community guidelines” and saw nothing that my video violated.  It was just a Scientology attorney and a reporter talking on the public sidewalk for about a minute.  I made the video.

Tonight youtube took down my video in honor of Project Chanology’s one year anniversary. This is ridiculous.

Scientology needs to be exposed.  Most of my videos were about that.  But this constant uncalled for suppression by youtube also calls for some type of action.  I chose to voice my opinion of what they do by disassociating with them.

You can find some of my videos on vimeo.com


One Response to “I closed my youtube account”

  1. HouseSpider Says:

    DUDE, reopen it if you can. All closing the account does is guarantee that people won’t see ANY of your videos. A YouTube boycott will be less noticeable to YT staff than a gnat buzzing around an elephant unless you have tens of thousands of users involved.

    I have had PLENTY of vids flagged as violating this or DMCA that. Just fight them! I’ve had many of my videos restored. In fact, I’m about to make a DMCA counter-claim myself. Getting your account closed was EXACTLY what $cientology wanted. You have given them a win and made them moar upstat.

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