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  1. Not a name but a suname Says:

    I thought the article was great, a bit long winded but great.

    Scientology is an evil scourge on mankind as far as I can tell. I first ran into it in the early 70’s in Evanston Illinois, and after a few weeks of experience I dropped out before it could get any more cash out of my wallet. After many years I am appalled it still exists, and manages to keep the celebrity members involved, but I guess they have a lot of money to blow on silly shit like that. It’s a shame.


  2. seanner Says:

    what is to stop infiltration of the anon group by the CoS? due to the anonymous characteristics of the group, one intending to do so could internalize memes, don a mask, and become part of the fold, essentially exposing more people involved? the real life component to the activism is dependent to a greater extent on being immune from retaliation or fair gaming by the CoS.

    Jeff responds: yes, one weakness of Anonymous is that everyone is anonymous. I know some people have quit after having their identities exposed. But also others didn’t care, and in fact saw their outing as further proof of how corrupt Scientology is. That strengthened their resolve to protest. So infiltration can cut both ways.

    In the pre-Anonymous days, we protested in LA one time and had a guy infiltrate our group. We knew this was going to happen, though. At one point I asked to see the guy’s driver’s license. Sure, he said, and went into his motel room to get his license. He came back out and said he’d lost it. Wow, it’s a good thing we asked for it or you’d never know it’s missing, I said. We let him hang out with us, even at a private party, because there wasn’t really much he could glean from spying on us anyway. Only one of our party was concerned with their real identity, and all went reasonably well. I can now use this as an example of how creepy Scientology is.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Project Chanology is over

  4. Anonymous Says:

    No, it is only beginning.

  5. Jeff Says:


  6. anonymash Says:


    There are three primary reasons why CoS cannot infiltrate Anonymous, and the article to a certain extent explains two of them:

    1) no true organization – even if CoS flooded the boards that anons organize on with notions that anonymous should stop protesting, then the people who actually protest can still simply choose to turn up. there is no way to enforce peer pressure in an anonymous setting – plus our mods are good at weeding out people who do not stay on target.

    2) CoS is very careful with letting their members go online. it is a too great a source of true facts on the cult, something that CoS does not want its members exposed to. the mass infiltration required to make it appear as if the majority of anonymous wanted to stop would take too many people to pull off. similarly, on most chanology boards those ‘forbidden’ facts are posted very regularly simply to ward off scilon spys. (or to taint them, or piss them off, whatever)

    3) very few people have actually been fair gamed, compared to how many protest. equally, then while CoS was VERY aggressive when Chanology started, now after 1½ years of protests they have actually changed tactics. they no longer seek out anonymous for confrontation (bullbaiting) as much as they used to, in many places anons have not seen scilon handlers (those sent out by CoS to ‘handle’ anons when protesting) in a very long time. CoS has essentially given up fighting anonymous, and instead barricaded themselves.
    – the reasons to this are many, both that CoS fears loosing members since anonymous tries very hard to inform the people sent out against them of CoS’s true nature (to make them doubt, leave the cult), and because its resource intensive for the cult, and because anonymous has been VERY good at finding all the cults dirty secrets, which are delicious for the purpose of convincing people to leave the cult.

    come to – ask around if you’re concerned – we will give you the trufax

  7. Родион Кузьмин Says:

    Скажите, а можно ли взять новости с вашего сайта? Со ссылкой на первоисточник разумеется. 🙂

  8. drstrangelove Says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Most excellent article. The first Operation Chanology raid occurred on February 2, 2009 in Orlando Florida where approximately 150 protesters turned out.

    Jeff responds: I’m sure you mean February 2, 2008. And yes, I should have mentioned that. You were the ones who started with the suit and tie idea, yes? I didn’t remember how many had showed up there. VWD!

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