suggestion for anniversary of first Anonymous protest

   This is not to say that the protests aren’t working. Far from it. They’re amazing, and I’ve been to every one except when I was stuck in South Dakota, 450 miles from the nearest org.  They’re fun, they help get information to the general public, and they show Scientology that they have an active and committed opposition.

   But I’d like to suggest that after the January, 2009 protest, we take some time to look back on what was accomplished and consider what to do from there.  Are the protests the best way to innoculate the world from Scientology’s influence?  Could they be refined in some way to improve them and keep going? Is there enough interest still in this method?  Has the original idea of protesting been derailed?  Is it better to just let the local groups do whatever they want rather than trying to syncrhonize events?  Is there some strategy that could be more effective than protesting?  Would pressuring Congress, the IRS, or some other organization give quicker results than going after Scientology directly?  I think it would be wise to step back for a few weeks and really hash out ideas and opinions.

   It could well be that everybody is still excited about protesting and ready for Year 2.  But even if that’s so, I still think it would be smart after a year of epic collective action to take a while to reflect, brainstorm, and consider where to go from that point.


One Response to “suggestion for anniversary of first Anonymous protest”

  1. Only Love Can Do That Says:

    You raise some interesting questions, Jeff! I’ve just started actively participating recently, and I haven’t been to a protest yet (we don’t live that close to an org), but I’ll throw in my two cents anyway.

    Number one priority I think should be maintaining morale. This isn’t a situation where we’re a relatively fixed group of people, and we’re deciding what’s going to be the most effective action– instead we’re a very elastic group, with a lot of intermittent participants and a tremendous possible upside in terms of growth. So I think the most effective actions at this point will be ones that encourage more people to join in the process, because the more people who join the more it will magnify all of our actions.

    Seen from that perspective, I think that the monthly protests are fairly effective. When only three people show up at a particular org, there’s still this sense that it’s a part of something larger. And the solidness of the regularity of it sends a message itself, that Project Chanology is a dedicated and persistent effort. The main downside I see is that it’s so central to the story of our effort right now that it can seem like the only way to participate. I think that we should intend to continue and expand the monthly protests– expand them for instance to places with no org, perhaps at IRS offices– while also expanding into other mechanisms.

    We should consider it realistic that we can expand in more than one direction at once. We should consider it realistic to grow this movement another ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times. If we build it, they will come. People are hungry for something which has the taste of freedom. They’re hungry for wins. We’re one of the few movements that can really offer people that– the opportunity to go up against evil and actually take it down to the mat. We should consider ourselves to be only at the very beginning.

    Only Love Can Do That

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