Scientology resorting to violence

   It really does appear that Scientology has chosen to utilize
violence as a new tool against protesters and critics.  Now is
especially the time, then for us to completely avoid anything that
even looks like violence or intimidation.  It has to be CLEAR that
Scientology are the crazy out-of-control nutjobs hitting people, while
we are the bemused, tenacious, peaceful protesters. This contrast will
say more than our signs. We’re trying to exercise our free speech
rights while they use force to try to stop us.
   Just read anything about the civil rights movement during the 1960s
in the United States. The blacks went into the lunch counters and sat
down, even though the rule was no blacks.  They sat there, waiting to
be served. The managers of the lunch counter couldn’t figure out what
to do, so they’d close. But next day, here came back the blacks,
sitting peacefully, waiting to be served. Gradually the nut jobs
started showing up, taunting, intimidating, and finally physically
assaulting the blacks, who just wanted lunch.  The blacks never hit
back, and in fact practiced taking the abuse that they indeed
received.  To this day the contrast between how they acted and how the
thugs acted is testament to the use of peaceful protest.
   Now imagine if the students at the lunch counter had hit back,
starting a big brawl. Would we remember that? No, it’s just a brawl.
You can find them anywhere. Nothing really comes of them.  But we
remember these protests because of the contrast between behaviors. We
know who the thugs are. We know who those in the right are. And we
know who won.

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