A Tale of 2 CD’s

Actually, 6 cds, but whatever.


I was deposed in Arnie Lerma’s case concerning copyright violations. I
had nothing to do with this case, yet I was deposed anyway. After the
deposition Lynn Farney, head of Scientology legal, yelled at me “we
will raid you and sue you! You are on notice!”  This was no idle
threat since Dennis, Arnie, and Factnet had indeed been raided and
sued.  They were mad ’cause I came with copies of the OT levels, which
was actually in fulfillment of the document requests so sheesh, picky,
picky.  You can read a bit more about this here…


   First is an affidavit from Arnie’s attorney.  The depo was pretty
much 2 hours[?] of hell.  Toward the end I noticed that Moxon and
Farney were running out of questions so Moxon started somewhat
repeating himself just to keep the thing going. Hopefully you can see
from these sample pages that a Scientology deposition is not one of
discovering information as much as it is one of intimidation and


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