Freewinds ship finally getting rid of its asbestos

FINALLY! Lawrence Woodcraft many years ago told that when he did architectural work on the Freewind, he warned the church that there was asbestos on board, yet they did nothing. Michael Pattinson said that when the ship comes into harbor, it shakes like crazy, which could obviously stir up any asbestos onboard. Does Scientology care about the health of its passengers and staff? Apparently not much.

Special team strips Freewinds of asbestos

WILLEMSTAD – A special team from the United States is working on removing the asbestos from the cruise ship Freewinds. The team is being supervised by an independent bureau from the Netherlands.

Head of Environmental Service, Tico Ras confirms the above, but doesn’t say much. The seriousness of asbestos being released during work is according to him ‘a matter of interpretation’. He nevertheless admits that readings are constantly being done that indicate the amount of asbestos, but that he does not know what the results of the readings are, and that he is busy finishing up a report.

It is in any case safe around the ship in the dry-dock. The Environmental Service is also supervising the removing of the asbestos and is making sure that this is done according to the rules. The asbestos is taken to the landfill of Selikor that has a special dump place for this.

Freewinds promised last week to give an official declaration, which they didn’t. Harbour captain Ludwig Alpes is now referring everybody to the dock company (CDM) for comments. PR-director Karin Pouw of Scientology in Los Angeles gave a reaction on the internet: “The Freewinds on a regular basis checks the air quality on board of the ship and always meets the American standards. Inspections on April 15 and 28 confirm that the air quality is safe, in accordance with the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and US Clean Air Act.”

The Freewinds is undergoing a complete touchup in the dry dock. All the cabins and other accommodations are being upgraded. To comply with the tight maritime rules that become effective in 2010, also the navigation- and safety equipment is being replaced. “The true and accurate story is that the Freewinds is being restored to better than new.” The restoration is on schedule.

CDM-director Frank Esser indicated last week that the ship had till yesterday to be in dry-docking. Aside from the disputable exceeding of the asbestos standards in the air, the CDM–director blamed the Freewinds for not complying with the different procedures. A ship in dry-dock that is going to work on asbestos is required to do this with qualified people.


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