April 12 protest; we’re ready!

Just thinking back at the 2 previous protests, it shows what worth protesting Scientology has. You’re giving the cult an opportunity to show its true colors. And boy have they:

accusing Anonymous of being a terrorist organization
outing some protesters
sending a PI with a gun to the LA protest
sending threatening attorney-written letters to anonymous protesters
writing down license plates, taking photos of protesters
seeking an injunction to stop the protests
following protesters as they leave for the day

All it takes is to give Scientology a chance to show you what they’re really like, and boy do they. This will no doubt happen again this Saturday. And the more peaceful and calm the protesters are, the greater the contrast will be. Should be exciting.


3 Responses to “April 12 protest; we’re ready!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Insight into the case against Scientolgy. Very interesting reading! Anonymous is child’s play compared to what they’ve gone up against.


  2. Nemo Says:

    Anonymous is the final boss period. consisting of everyone that the scientologists alienated, the people who will one day take this world as their own (the next generation of people as a whole) and those who seek to do something about the wrongs in this world. Scientology has every right to COWER and be afraid. Not because of the “bomb threats” which were traced back to scientologists. but because of their own actions.

    there is a term its called “foot bullet”
    everything the scientologists do is a mark against them because of their policies.

  3. inquisitive Says:

    This comment, which was submitted on a “My Scientology” Google blog site which gave a list of numerous scholars who have endorsed Scientology as a religion, has not been posted. Is Scientology cencoring dialog?

    The text is as follows:

    Critics of Scientology do not argue about Scientology calling itself a religion. Many of the sholars you refer to simply look at the definitions (marks) of a religion. And Hubbard included those marks in his production of Scientology.

    Many of the scholars of religion simply accept what the religion says about itself without any critical analysis of the material given them.

    Scientology is known for offering financial inducements to persons or groups which can be supportive of their claims. I doubt that all of these scholars did their work for free.

    The issue is the BEHAVIOR of Scientology. Even Dr. Darrol Bryant, whom you list, at the conclusion of one of his articles on Scientology said that whether it is a good or bad religion is a matter of public discussion or debate.

    And J. Gordon Melton, who is know for basicaly compiling materials which religions write about themselves, reflected his lack of information about Scientology in his work “The Church of Scientology” published by Signature Books. In fact he makes actual historical mistakes such as claiming that Hubbard “never claimed the kind of formal academic credentials which the average scientist or physician possesses” (page 58). Yet many people have an early copy of “The Problems of Work, Scientology applied to the Work-a-Day World” by L. Ron Hubbard, C.E., Ph.D.

    Where he got his degree in Chemical Engineering is not known. What is know is that he bought his Ph.D. from Sequoia University, a degree mill which was shut down by California authorities.

    All of this still leaves the basic issue to be discussed.

    I would call to the attention of this writer a comment I once heard. “The hottest places in hell (whatever that is) are reserved for people who try to manipulate the idealism of others to their own selfish aims.”

    How much are the leaders who head the Church of Spiritual Technology and who regulate the Religious Technology Center, which licenses the Church of Scientology…how much are they making through the activities of the lower level Scientologist who are driven to produce more profits for the organization?

    Sorry, but I believe that Time Magazine was correct in calling the Church of Scientology “a cult of greed and power….which operates in a mafia-like fashion, a huge global racket”. And it is using many young, idealistic people to reach its goals.

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