Anonymous needs a translator
   Here’s a case where the outside world can’t even figure out how to TALK to Anonymous.

Just for the sake of IRL (In Real Life) problems like this, where cops, media, etc. can’t figure out what to do when there’s no “leader,” I think it would be fine for the group to designate one person to play the role so things don’t get so confusing out there. It’s not like this person will then be some kinda leader, it’s just that that person will sort of act as translator between the anon world and the IRL world.


3 Responses to “Anonymous needs a translator”

  1. anon Says:

    makes much sense. could one simply volunteer to be leader-for-a-day?

  2. cultxpt Says:

    You don’t need a “leader.” You need someone to fill a post, or to accomplish a task. There’s no hierarchical aspect necessary to attach to it. That’s the problem. Anonymous almost by definition cannot have a “leader” but they definitely need people to perform certain tasks. So I think they have to figure out that difference.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We don’t need a leader if someone wishes to talk to the press they can. Some anons request permits and stuff. I mean people do what they feel they must. And we move from there. But we had quite a lot of press lately which is pretty good and they just talk to whoever they can find which I am game for. And whenever an anon falls 5 more take their place.

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