the future looks bright

This is about junior high school students protesting a ban on hugs. They went across the street after school and had a mass hug-in and protest!  Is that cool or what.

Another: a fellow bus driver told me of a problem he had one day. I think this was junior high kids too. A boy got on the bus that all the other students had a problem with for whatever reason. They demanded that that boy be removed from the bus. The driver said no. So the students all stood on their seats and refused to move until that boy was removed!  The principal had to get on the bus and move the boy to the very front and compromise with the students before the bus could finally leave.

Anonymous as well is mostly younger people. They’ve taken on a dangerous but important task of exposing Scientology.

I’m 52. I saw the 1960s but as a little kid.  My generation didn’t really protest much.  But the upcoming generation looks like they know the power of the protest, and thus, their own power.  The future looks bright.


One Response to “the future looks bright”

  1. Fredric L. Rice Says:

    I saw this article about the group hugging and was DELIGHTED! At least there are spots around the United States where kids are still capable of thinking for themselves and doing what’s right, not what some faceless “authority” with a fascist agenda orders them to think and do.

    You’re right, Jeff. I’m nearly always overwhelmed with the negative, nlindingly obscene shit that people put up with just because it’s easier than standing up for what’s right. Great seeing these kids fighting back.

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