Roxanne Friend, R.I.P.

 I met Roxanne Friend only briefly once. We corresponded a bit as well.  She should still be alive.  I blame a certain cult.  Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen again.


One Response to “Roxanne Friend, R.I.P.”

  1. Mary McConnell Says:

    I knew Roxanne back in the early 80’s in Los Angeles when I lived there for a number of years to do studies and get services. We and a host of mutual friends were young scientologists who were always about the PAC area if not at the orgs then at Uncle George’s Restaurant eating and socializing. It was a very dynamic environment, fueled no doubt by the false possibilities of OT states and a Cleared planet. She was a vivacious girl, full of fun and curiosity and I know she believed in Scientology as I did because there was no way at that time for us to be able to hear facts otherwise. We were isolated from the “WOG world” which we were indoctrinated to ignore and even despise. I last saw Roxanne at AOLO around 1985 while as I was entering the org while taking a family member there to get auditing. She was rushing out the door and I didn’t get a chance to say hello or goodbye because I was only there for a week and didn’t see her again. I only learned 2 years ago of her death via watching the video at youtube about the BBC show.
    Afterwards, on a search, I found & read her 1991 affidavit.

    I experienced one incident minutely similar to what she was put through, where I was held against my will and sec-checked all nite without food or sleep and I can only imagine the trauma & stress she went through during her ordeals at Flag. Sadly, I had a friend who was made to do the the Introspection RD and who was then dumped back out into society a total mess. She then committed suicide. These are not isolated cases,
    but I’m sure glad Roxanne finally got out and got her story to the media before her death. You areso right. It should have never happened.

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