Should Scientology lose its tax exemption? My contribution

They never should have gotten tax exemption in the first place. It was won by intimidation, not legitimacy.  Scientology had thousands of lawsuits going against the IRS and its agents.

Scientology’s own Doctrine of Exchange teaches that they should pay for what they use, like the police, roads, the court system, etc., so they should be paying taxes by their own policy.

The Sklar case shows that Scientology has gotten special treatment from the IRS that nobody else gets.

It’s time to take away Scientology’s status as the IRS’s Chosen People, and put them where they should be, as a business.

By its own words, Scientology is not a religion anyway. It’s whatever they want to be at the moment.

What other religion gives a commission to members who recruit another member? What other religion charges you thousands of dollars before they’ll tell you what they actually believe? What other relgion teaches their ministers from Sales Technique books?  What other religion has fixed prices for blocks of Truth?


2 Responses to “Should Scientology lose its tax exemption? My contribution”

  1. AnonymousMom Says:

    What if Genesis cost $300, and the whole Old Testament was $5K? Matthew, Mark, Luke and John will cost you a hefty $10K EACH, and Revelations, well, we’re not releasing Revelations until you all convert the entire planet and achieve ideal churches. How about you don’t even hear about Jesus until you’re $300K in debt?

    They’re not Scientologists — they’re Xenusians and don’t even know it yet.

    That’s how Scientology works, only unlike Christian school, their training is tax exempt. (Oh, and don’t forget the slave labor, child abuse, “disconnects,” the notion of “acceptable truth” (lying encouraged), breaking & entering, blackmail, harassment, intimidation, and brainwashing.) Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Is this really a benefit to society deserving the name of “religion” or just organized crime with some copyrighted books to follow?

    Look into it at, and join us March 15, 2008 in front of your local organization to express our concerns about the behavior of the Church of Scientology.

  2. Devin Says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if anonymous found a way to delete the tax exempt status from the IRS and no one knew until after taxes? also this cult has a basic problem: If an alien created human, then who created the alien? if a group (the cult) attacks you because you are not in the cult, that is, by definition, a hate crime and religious persecution. what that means is any crime gives an additional 5 years added. Kill the cult (the idea of it, not the poor, mentally handicapped parishioners and the con men.)

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