Scientology accidentally faxes their attack instructions to a reporter

Here’s part of a great article about Scientology and stars:

“This last instruction was, on occasion, used against the press itself. I had personal experience of that. Knowing that I was writing articles about them, the Scientologists began inundating me with faxes countering the vituperative propaganda that was being directed against them. One day, by the sort of classic mistake that befalls all such bureaucracies, they sent me an internal memo titled ‘Entheta media handling’, instructing British Scientologists to ‘handle’ the problem of British journalist Richard Ingrams, a long-term critic. ‘Ingrams,’ said the fax, ‘has a much publicised divorce history… admits to be gay, but then has a love affair with a 20 years his junior woman at his Berkshire house.’ ?The note went on to order local Scientologists to interview Ingrams’s opponents and search public records to ‘find, investigate and document scandals Ingrams is for sure part of.’

Within minutes they were on the phone, begging me not to reproduce the document or the patently false allegations it contained. People would get the wrong idea.”


3 Responses to “Scientology accidentally faxes their attack instructions to a reporter”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The Cult of $cientology is unraveling. And rightly so.

  2. AnonymousMom Says:

    So, they don’t want that document released because “people might get the wrong idea.” Um, hate to point this out, but it seems they wanted it suppressed (to borrow their term) because people might get exactly the RIGHT idea.
    The evidence: The Church of Scientology is a hostile, oppressive, belligerent organization that is dangerous to free societies the world over. Individual Scientologists, on the other hand, can be perfectly well-intentioned people. If they were aware — were PERMITTED to be aware, of what was being done to others in their name, I believe that alone would bring down Miscavige from within.
    Call me naive, but I believe that at heart, most people want to be good guys — and the Church of Scientology simply hasn’t been. How heartbreaking it would be to realize that so much of one’s money and life had gone to fund not good things, but criminal and bad things. Some of those upper level Scientologists directing these things need to go to prison, I’m sorry to say. You just can’t do that stuff to other people. It’s wrong. We all know that!
    I sure hope that well-meaning Scientologists wake up to what’s going on, because it would be a shame for them to continue thinking that all of society is just bigoted, while the “church” goes down in flames around them for perfectly legitimate reasons.
    Wake up, people! I know asking questions is kind of a no-no, but it’s that, or collapse of what you love. Miscavige needs to go. Someone find Jentsch & make sure he’s okay because word on the streets is that some weird power struggle is going on inside there. Pay your damn taxes, okay — none of the rest of us get those exemptions, unless they’re for CHARITABLE aiding-society purposes, not lawsuits & harassment! Take better care of your kids — they’re NOT adults! We have something called MINIMUM WAGE — PAY IT! Let people leave when they want to, and just leave them alone. Suck it up when a bad story is printed about you — companies do, religions do, all “public figures” do. These are simple, normal requests society is making of you! Get a grip!

  3. anonymous Says:

    Please post a copy of this fax on That is FREAKIN’ awesome!

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