My delayed review of Feb. 10 protest in Phoenix

  I got to the pre-meeting in the park a little late, and was
surprised to see about 50 people there!  The biggest picket we ever
had in the valley was 7 protesters.  So this looked great already.
   A couple of people read out the rules, including that if you do
something bad, you’ll be kicked out of the protest.  The rules sounded
good to me.  One of them was to be silent, as in not chanting or such.
Obviously they’re not Brits.
   Then everybody grabbed their signs and stuff and headed off to the
org about 1 1/2 blocks away. I drove to where I could park close
enough to see my car, since Scientology knows me already. Thus I was
one of the first people there. There was a woman videotaping from
across the street, so I talked to her a short while. Then when I got
to the org, there was a guy in a penguin suit!  I’m not sure why,
still. But it was cool.
   I saw the big group coming from the park, so I videotaped that as
they got to the sidewalk where I was.  It was impressive.  They
decided to split to different corners of the intersection, so I went
to the northeast corner with the women who agreed to hold my banner
and a few other guys.  They stayed there for the entire 3 hour protest
with the banner aimed at traffic.  Some protesters had masks
and others did not. Many of us were dressed up with fedora hats, thus
restimulating everyone about the Marcab Confederation!
   The protesters at one point read out some of the upper level
material and other things toward the Scientologists who were in the
parking area behind the building.  The few Scientologists, including
at least one OT VIII, never came out to interact with us. They did
give the 4 or 5 media groups that were there the Anonymous DA flyer
that’s online (one of the media guys let me look at it). I don’t even
know if they really photographed much.
   The cops were very laid back. There were normally just 2
plainclothes cops, but toward the end I think there were 3.
   It was a quiet and well-organized protest. Some leafleting to cars
stopped at lights went on. The only two unusual things were one of the
protesters saw a guy flash a gun in a car going by, and toward the end
there was a heckler that kept driving by that the Anons enjoyed
reacting to.  There were lots of honks in support, and a few people
even stopped to talk to us.  At the end everybody just split up as far
as I know. I haven’t heard of anyone being followed, and I didn’t
notice any obvious PIs or anything, so all is well.
   I’ll just throw in my plug for the usefulness of protesting here.
Protesting at an org does several things. It shows the Scientologists
that they are not in control of their own environment. It requires
them to decide whether to follow LRH’s teaching to “attack the
attacker” and thus wind up on youtube looking like idiots, or not
attack and thus violate their own teachings. It exposes information to
the public.  It gives critics a chance to meet and get to know each
other better.  And it demonstrates (hopefully) that the critics are
not terrorists as Scientology claims, but law abiding activists.


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