My videos

If you search for “cultxpt” in youtube, you’ll see my Scientology-related videos, and my brother being passed by a Studebaker.  There are videos of previous protests from the 1990s, our press conferences, candlelight vigils and views of Scientology properties.

That’s the Mad Picket from Clearwater, Florida.  It was the craziest night of my entire life, and even though I’m not dead yet, I’ll confidently state that.  You might ask why the Scientologists don’t act like that at protests anymore. My assumption is because they know they’ll wind up on youtube.  Scientology has a tendency to think in short-term solutions. In this case, the goal was to harass us enough so we’d stop picketing. That was a short-term goal. But the long-term result is that their horrid behavior will forever be on the net for the world to see.

   This short-term thinking extends to many areas. For instance, generally speaking, if Scientology would infiltrate Anonymous, they would do it to gain quick intel. It’s very seldom that they’d take the time and resources needed to do a long-term intelligence operation.


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