comparing 1995 to 2008

Looking at the Sydney and Perth photos from the protest, it’s obvious that the Anonymous protest is going to draw thousands worldwide today. I’ll give you a little perspective of the last worldwide protest.

   In 1995 Scientology tried to shut down alt.religion.scientology. At about the same time they raided the homes of 4 people over alleged copyright violations.  Many free speech advocates on the net rallied to our cause of exposing Scientology.  We gained thousands of new critics. So we organized a worldwide protest of Scientology. I think there were small protests in 12 or 15 cities around the world, and about 150 people total protested. I believe this was the first worldwide protest ever organized on the net.  We were happy.

   So last night I looked at the Sydney protest photos before I went to bed. And in that one protest Anonymous beat our protest numbers. As a long-time critic, it is so heartening to see others take up this cause.  Especially so many. Especially when they protest peacefully and intelligently.  I crack up at some of the signs, at the Guy Fawkes masks, at the fedora hats.  And I rejoice knowing that thanks to you all millions more will know of the dangers of Scientology.


4 Responses to “comparing 1995 to 2008”

  1. michigan legion Says:

    the Detroit protest sang happy birthday to Lisa McPherson

  2. Brian Trosko Says:

    Hey, Jeff. I marched with you and Jim Lippard and a few others outside the Phoenix org back in ’95. Were you at the Phoenix protest this time around? How was it?

  3. cultxpt Says:

    Hey Brian! It was great! 60 people. Remember we had 6 or 7? What a difference.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    We did not forget.

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