Scientology’s official response to Anonymous

This is typical Scientology screaming. First they dig into your past for dirt. Then they list all the crap they could find. Then they claim they’re a poor persecuted religion.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  Scientology hates free speech on the internet. Their attorneys tried to close down our newsgroup, alt.religion.scientology, and had devised programs to destroy our free speech:

   So this claim that they are the pure, ethical, persecuted church is bunk.


3 Responses to “Scientology’s official response to Anonymous”

  1. Sarashay Says:

    I have a meme that I want spread that could change the way the debate is framed.

    Scientology is not a religion.

    Because it isn’t, really. It’s a tax dodge that claims to be a religion. Were it not for the quirks of the US tax code, Scientology would never have been presented as a spiritual path.

    So when people say “I’m all for freedom of religion . . . ” just point out to them that Scientology isn’t a religion any more than a five year old girl with a paper crown is royalty just because she says she’s a princess.

    Don’t even call it a cult–that’s still giving it credit for being something spiritual. Call it a tax dodge and leave it at that. And the more people realize this, the less respect they’ll have for Scientology.

  2. mike Says:

    Problem there is, by that reasoning, it’s as valid as any other religion. Their “proof” is as good as anyone else’s.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    a man “L.ron hubbard” that cleary sayd If you want to get rich, you start a religion as qouted

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