I disagree with Anonymous rules 5 and 6 for protesting

Rule #5: Always be across the street from the object being protested.
Rule #6: In the absence of a road, find another natural barrier between yourself and the target of protest. Doing so will make it more
difficult for individuals hostile to your cause to come and harass you.
I don’t agree with this. I think you should be at the location of the group you’re protesting. It’s confusing to the public if you’re
picketing Scientology and you’re in front of a Quickie Mart.  Also, what the hell is Scientology going to do, turn on the sprinklers? I
mean, so long as you’re on the public sidewalk, you’re pretty darn safe no matter how close or far away you are.
   The second year we went to picket Clearwater I got a call from the police the day before the picket. They said in talks with Scientology
they concluded that it would be best for us protesters to be across the street from the Ft. Harrison Hotel at the Episcopal church next
door. I blew my stack (hard to believe, I know). I said look, we have people coming from Germany, Denmark, and all over the US to picket
SCIENTOLOGY not the Episcopal Church. If I wanted to just picket I could have stayed home in Phoenix and picketed in front of the K
Mart.  But we plan to picket SCIENTOLOGY so we’re going to be picketing in front of SCIENTOLOGY and nobody else.  And we did.


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