Anonymous has won! No wait, they failed

Anonymous has won!

No wait, they’ve failed…

    Personally I think it’s a bit too early to tell.  February 10 isn’t even here yet! 

   Some of anonymous seems to think us long-time critics of Scientology have failed because Scientology still exists. I beg to differ. When I started being a critic long ago it was extremely dangerous to say a peep about Scientology or you’d get sued and harassed. In 1991, for example, Time magazine had a cover article about the “Cult of Greed” and promptly got sued, spending a reported $7 million in court to defend themselves, and having their reporter harassed by Scientology thugs. 

   The Lisa McPherson Trust, set up in Clearwater to help expose Scientology, was mercilessly harassed, and much of their time was spent in court because of Scientology’s legal maneuvers.

   Gradually, though, through their own ineptness and from the work of many brave critics, the ice started melting. A huge crack opened up when South Park took Scientology on and came out unscathed.  This gave other media more confidence that maybe they too could publicly write about Scientology without getting whacked.

   All this time critics have been amassing information and conducting research and putting that online, including court documents, ex-member testimonials, and news archives.  They were also out on the street protesting, right in front of Scientology’s door. They were harassed, followed, had smear flyers spread around their neighborhoods, had jobs threatened, and still they protested.

   So now a new batch of critics wants to join the fray. First thing they do is say us long-time critics have failed, so they have to take over. Bah. They don’t even know what they’re talking about in this regard. We who have sat across from Scientology attorneys, who have protested at Scientology’s front door, who have been harassed, who have succeeded remarkably well in making Scientology a word of scorn, and who have laid the foundation for new critics with documentation, experience, videos, and a much weaker cult; we salute you.  We welcome you. Even if you make fun of us.  We just hope you don’t get all uppity and think you have to go out and revinent the wheel. 

   Learn from our victories and our mistakes. Listen to our suggestions. Then do things as you see fit.  Scientology needs to be exposed still, and the more credible voices out there the better.  Just don’t muck things up, ok?


4 Responses to “Anonymous has won! No wait, they failed”

  1. Joe Fredette Says:

    Well, I don’t know about anonymous stating that you folks have “failed.” I’m certainly no longtime critic of scientology, but from my explorations of this anonymous group, I’ve found that there is a good deal of respect for you old-time critics. The consensus is that they are trying to fill in in two areas, the normal protesting/criticism/truth spreading information, etc. An area in which they often seek the example of folks like you. However, they also have aims to fight scientology in areas where people like you can’t. Not because you’ve tried and failed, but rather because you don’t have the ability. You _can’t_ safely accesss their secret documents. Anon can. You _can’t_ disrupt there communication, anon can.

    Anyway, my point is that I’ve gotten no hint that anonymous is disaproving of you or any other old-timer, methinks that info you got may have come from a spurious source.

  2. anonymous Says:

    ok, suggestions? lay it out for us.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous, for the most part, seeks to ally with the long-time critics, and we actively seek advice from you and those among you.

    To my knowledge, no anonymous has ever accused any critic of Scientology of failing. The nature of anonymous affords us the opportunity to tread on ground where others cannot, especially if you have a public image, or a reputation to uphold.

    Anonymous is not burdened with such things.

    And keep in mind, some terminology that may sound offensive or insulting to a typical daywalker, are often considered terms of endearment by anonymous.

    Our actions on February 10th will illustrate our real intentions, and we commend all the long-time critics of Scientology for their efforts. If it weren’t for you guys, we may not even have the knowledge to create this movement.

  4. cultxpt Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I don’t WANT to tell you how to do this. You’ll come up with better ways than we did, no doubt. And now that I’ve read several of the “rules” for 2-10 I’m quite happy, actually.
    At the beginning we perceived anonymous as being hackers/dirty tricksters from how things started out. That scared us because any actions like that were bound to taint us too and just give Co$ the chance to claim martyrdom as a persecuted religion.
    But I’m happy to see from the protests that already happened and the way things are being organized that our fears seem mostly to have been without merit.
    So I’ll be happy to just show up to picket and enjoy all the new company. And if anybody wants any advice, just ask 🙂

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