A bit of history of previous critics vs. Scientology action


That was written in 1995 and includes the raids on critics’ homes by Scientology attorneys, lawsuits, Ms. Bloody Butt, protests, etc.


That’s what life in Clearwater, Florida was like for a critic.  Scientology practically owns downtown Clearwater, so it was somewhat confrontational.

As you can see, it can get rather bizarre and exciting.  If you’re planning to be a critic of Scientology, first don’t have any skeletons in your closet. Second learn how to be very patient as you’re abused.  And third, always take the high road.


3 Responses to “A bit of history of previous critics vs. Scientology action”

  1. anon Says:

    keep bringing the info. fight the good fight and spread the word about the evil CoS.

  2. anonimouse Says:

    Keep up the good work man! These people, this hydra of an organization, are the epitome of greed fueled insanity, the more I research the more disgusted I get by this ‘church’ of the mentally disturbed.
    Stay strong!

  3. Hunney Bunny Says:

    Keep it up! I’m personally not into heretics or inquisition type stuff, but if there were this type of stuff now, I would use it against Tom Cruise. Man, he’s crazy. And Battlefield Earth is stupid.

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