1/23/08; two interesting things going on


There are two things happening right now of interest. One is the leaked Tom Cruise video wherein Tom says that as a Scientologist he has to stop at a car accident to help, because Scientologists are the only ones that know what to do (paraphrased). Lisa McPherson was in a car accident. Scientologists came to the hospital where the ambulance had taken her, demanded that she not see a psychiatrist, took her to room 174 of their Ft. Harrison Hotel, held her against her will until she was dead (according to Mike Rinder), then drove her to a hospital 45 minutes away to a Scientologist doctor. Is THAT the kind of “help” you’re talking about Tom?

The second thing is a group of Scientologists in Italy who were recently arrested for holding a woman against her will. This is not the second time such strangeness has happened. It’s one of multiple times:

1955: Scientologists sued for holding crazy people in house

1990; Scientology family in Calfornia allegedly holds a woman against her will

1997: woman runs screaming from same hotel where Lisa was held

Scientology husband holds his own wife in 2002

Lynn Farney, high ranking official of Scientology’s legal office, told the Clearwater police concerning whether psychotic members should be held at the Ft. Harrison hotel, “They were never supposed to be handled at the Fort Harrison, and that’s been reiterated. They’re not supposed to be there, they’re supposed to be somewhere out in the countryside or something like that.” [source]

There are other cases as well. This is policy. In fact, Scientologists now sign a waiver that essentially allows Scientology to hold them against their will!


3 Responses to “1/23/08; two interesting things going on”

  1. anon Says:

    Scientology must be brought to justice around the world.



  2. helloiamascientologist Says:

    The laws of the land are supposed to protect individuals from criminals harming others.

    I am a Scientologist – simply because I still help others with Dianetics and Scientology technology.

    But in 2000 I was forced to disconnect from Scientology church in Melbourne, Australia simply to save my own life and protect my daughter from future harm.

    This is how criminal some “scientologists” are –

    My ex (of (of 7 years) wanted $50,000 for his next service at the church. He wanted my real estate. I said “NO”. He made a phone call to the Department of Special Affairs in Melbourne and received an OK on the phone from the ‘Reverand’ and the ‘ethics officer’ to lock me up,drug me and handle me as a suppressive person. Because I refused to sell my home to further finance the ‘church’ I was imprisoned,bashed and drugged.

    I escaped after much violence and had the neighbours phone the police.
    If I had not have escaped I would be dead. I believe the police presence prevented the inevitable “Justice” that the ‘scientologists (DSA) had approved for me.
    My point to this comment is that Lisa Mcpherson would have suffered cruelly.
    And I am aware of others who have suffered under Scientologys’ perverted “Justice” and PTS 3 and SP tech. Shocking abuse.

    When I can find the time I am going to blog here much data on how the course of Justice is violated for us mere mortals by the “higher than God” actions of “scientologists”. Above the law of the land – therefore very clever liars. The police have no hope of bringing these crims to justice. The crims hide under the umbrella of the church and the church protects them. And in return the crim becomes a good source of income.
    He “buys” his freedom from the law of the land.
    This has been my observation. … Lynette

  3. Jeff Says:

    There are several good forums to speak out on:

    This is a little backwater with not many viewers.

    I’m sorry you had to go through your ordeal. Hopefully others won’t have to

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